Topical anti-infectives with corticosteroids

The most frequently reported ocular adverse reaction reported in clinical trials was eye irritation, which occurred in 1% to 2% of patients. Other adverse reactions associated with the use of AzaSite were reported in less than 1% of patients and included ocular reactions (blurred vision, burning, stinging and irritation upon instillation, contact dermatitis, corneal erosion, dry eye, eye pain, itching, ocular discharge, punctate keratitis, visual acuity reduction) and nonocular reactions (dysgeusia, facial swelling, hives, nasal congestion, periocular swelling, rash, sinusitis, urticaria).

P. acnes produces an extracellular lipase that hydrolyses sebum triglycerides to glycerol, used by the organism as a growth substrate, and free fatty acids, which have pro-inflammatory and comedogenic properties. A double-blind study had been conducted to examine the effect of topical 1% clindamycin hydrochloride hydrate in a hydroalcoholic vehicle as compared to the effect of the vehicle alone. Fourteen patients applied clindamycin or vehicle alone twice daily for eight weeks. Free fatty acid surface lipid percentages, quantitative bacterial counts, and clinical response were assessed every two weeks. A significant reduction (88%) in the percentage of free fatty acids in the surface lipids was seen in the clindamycin-treated group and not in the vehicle-treated group. Free fatty acids on the skin surface have been decreased from approximately 14% to 2% following application of clindamycin solution in a hydroalcoholic base to 9 patients (average age years) with acne vulgaris. There was no significant change in the surface microflora. Despite the short duration of treatment, objective clinical improvement was seen in three of nine treated patients, while none was observed in the placebo-treated patients.

Topical anti-infectives with corticosteroids

topical anti-infectives with corticosteroids


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