Steroidogenesis inhibitors international

At right is a selection of images that can be regarded as milestones in the development of the steroidogenesis diagram. They are given chronological numbers, with the final version given as number "5" in the results section. Image "4" availed for even easier creation of subsequent works by being a vector image , that is, an image based on a few adjustable points in space rather than millions of pixels. Therefore, subsequent derivatives can easily be edited by free vector graphics editors, in this case Inkscape . Compared to "4", the final version "5" had the following additions:

Concentrations of testosterone and androstenedione in the spent medium were measured at 24 h, 48 h, and 72 h using RIA and ELISA, respectively. When cocultured with GCs, TCs produced an increased amount of testosterone and androstenedione than TCs cultured alone ( , Figure 2(a) for testosterone and Figure 2(c) for androstenedione). Interestingly, when TCs were cultured alone, the production of testosterone and androstenedione showed a declining trend along time, which may reflect the adaptation change to in vitro conditions lacking the supports from other cell types. In the spent medium of GCs cultured alone, the levels of testosterone (Figure 2(b) ) and androstenedione (Figure 2(d) ) were both diminished in comparison with TCs. And no alterations were observed following different time of in vitro culture ( ). Taken together, these results indicated that GCs could promote TCs production of testosterone and androstenedione.

Steroidogenesis inhibitors international

steroidogenesis inhibitors international


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