Steroid bum injections

I empathize with you all. I had severe sciatica a few years ago. I think it started when I bent over to far one day. There was a sharp, shooting pain originating in my right butt cheek and shooting down to my right foot. It made sitting or getting into my car almost impossible for several weeks.
I was already in cancer treatment at the time, so I was already taking narcotics (Oxycontin) but it didn’t seem to help. I asked for Flexeril, a muscle relaxer, but I was denied and offered PT instead. It eventually went away on it’s own. Ugh, what a horrible experience!

After long research and survey, it was found out that steroid injections can be used to get rid of small dark spots on the legs. This process generally involves steroid injections which contain a high amount of hydrocortisone which proves essentially well to treat dark skin. Generally, you will need to take steroid injections after 2-3 weeks from your first appointment. This process is quite expensive as compared to others and is not recommended for people who have dark skin. Steroid injection is effective only on small patches and is not useful on larger areas of skin.

Steroid bum injections

steroid bum injections


steroid bum injectionssteroid bum injectionssteroid bum injectionssteroid bum injectionssteroid bum injections