Seretide accuhaler steroid

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A twelve month study (Gaining Optimal Asthma ControL, GOAL), in 3416 adult and adolescent patients with persistent asthma, compared the safety and efficacy of Seretide versus inhaled corticosteroid (Fluticasone Propionate) alone to determine whether the goals of asthma management were achievable. Treatment was stepped up every 12 weeks until ** total control was achieved or the highest dose of study drug was reached. GOAL showed more patients treated with Seretide achieved asthma control than patients treated with ICS alone and this control was attained at a lower corticosteroid dose.

Seretide accuhaler steroid

seretide accuhaler steroid


seretide accuhaler steroidseretide accuhaler steroidseretide accuhaler steroidseretide accuhaler steroidseretide accuhaler steroid