Physique bodybuilding steroids

Some federations ( list here ) such as the NPC or a show promoter (the person running the show) will allow you to cross over and compete in different classes within a show. For example, you may be able to compete in figure and bikini divisions or figure and physique in the same show. Other shows or federations do not allow that. You must check all the rules for that federation and specific show before registering. Most federation sites will have a list of shows for the year with the show promoters email so you can contact them ahead of time if need be for planning purposes.

Men’s Bodybuilding  – Finals (Top 5) – Rounds 2 & 3 (105 min.)
–  Bantamweight:  Up to and including 143 1/3 pounds
–  Lightweight:  Over 143 1/3 pounds up to and including 154 ¼ pounds
–  Welterweight:  Over 154 ¼ pounds up to 165 ¼ pounds
–  Middleweight:  Over 165 ¼ pounds up to 176 ¼ pounds
–  Light-Heavyweight:  Over 176 ¼ pounds up to 198 ¼ pounds
–  Heavyweight:  Over 198 ¼ pounds up to 225 ¼ pounds
–  Super Heavyweight:  Over 225 ¼ pounds

Physique bodybuilding steroids

physique bodybuilding steroids


physique bodybuilding steroidsphysique bodybuilding steroidsphysique bodybuilding steroidsphysique bodybuilding steroidsphysique bodybuilding steroids