Old east germany cars

Thuringia's regional government consists of a so-called "red-red-green" coalition of the Left Party, the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) and the Greens. One of the AfD politicians is arguing that this coalition wants to dictate to the people of Thuringia and indeed "the German people" that they are "basically stuck in the Third Reich." He maintains the coalition is out to convince the public that "people are rotten." Only victims of NSU terror are honored, he argues, and not those of Islamist terror. "We're expected to become loyal followers of a new so-called anti-fascism!"

in fact, if you ever have the misfortune of moving to Denmark, make sure you leave your German car at home or sell it. Those bastards even put this tax on cars imported as personal moving goods by 180% as well no matter how long you have owned it. In this case, they have two socialist/fascists from the tax authorities and one guy from the auto club to evaluate your car. You never know, maybe you put an air freshener in the car and that raises the price. Even if you are a temporary foreign expert you have to pay it and you won't get a kroner back when you leave with the car. This makes an artificial market within the EU - no car can leave this Danish car hell.

Old east germany cars

old east germany cars


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