East german zeltbahn for sale

Just prior to World War II , ponchos were significantly improved during testing with the . Army Jungle Experimental Platoon in the jungles of Panama , incorporating new, lighter materials and a drawcord hood that could be closed off to form a rain fly or ground sheet. [7] Ponchos were widely used by United States armed forces during World War II; even lightly equipped foot-mounted forces such as Merrill's Marauders , forced to discard tentage and all other unnecessary equipment, retained their blanket and poncho. [10] During the 1950s, new lightweight coated nylon and other synthetic materials were developed for military ponchos. The poncho has remained in service ever since as a standard piece of . military field equipment. [7] Today, the United States armed forces issue ponchos that may be used as a field expedient shelter. These garments are also used by hunters , campers , and rescue workers.

52. Para rifle
53. Para sten
54. Para Bren
55. Para command
56. Para rifle adv.
57. Paras + PIATS
58. Para crew
77. Paras Seated
152. Para HMGs
174 Para dead
223. Para 2” mortars
224. Para 3” mortars
414. Airborne 6pdr $
430. Para NCO’s
431. Para flame. +gren.
432. Para lying
433. Para stens advancing
434. Para characters (x3 )
435. P fighting wounded/medic
436. Para kneeling command
437. Polish command
438. Polish in beret
439. Paras on m/cycles
440. Paras surrendering
520. Canisters (2open + 1 stack)

There is some debate if these are war-time or post-war pouches. This is my "take" of the subject. Those that don't have one consider them post-war. Those that have one in their collection claim them to be original 3rd Reich. You can decide, but I will help you a little, if I may be so bold and offer the following info. I bought several of these in Czechoslovakia, before the wall came down. They were still full of original German WWII MG stuff. Some collectors think they are post war Austrian, but these were behind the iron curtain, left there after the war by the Germans. The construction and material are typical German WWII. They are post war marked, as the Czechs used them after the war. It was standard policy to mark German surplus gear for the Czech Army after the war. 

East german zeltbahn for sale

east german zeltbahn for sale


east german zeltbahn for saleeast german zeltbahn for saleeast german zeltbahn for saleeast german zeltbahn for saleeast german zeltbahn for sale