East german jeep

The BGS – which today forms part of the Bundespolizei  – was responsible for policing Germany's frontiers. It was initially a paramilitary force of 10,000, established in 1951, which was responsible for policing a zone 30 kilometres (19 mi) deep along the border. It eventually became the basis for the present national semi-militarised police force. [13] Its numbers were later expanded to 20,000 men, a mixture of conscripts and volunteers equipped with armoured cars, anti-tank guns, helicopters, trucks and jeeps. Although it was not intended to be able to repel a full-scale invasion, the BGS was tasked with dealing with small-scale threats to the security of West Germany's borders, including the international borders as well as the inner German border. It had limited police powers within its zone of operations to enable it to deal with threats to the peace of the border. The BGS had a reputation for assertiveness which made it especially unpopular with the East Germans, who routinely criticised it as a reincarnation of Hitler's SS . It also sustained a long-running feud with the Bundeszollverwaltung over which agency should have the lead responsibility for the inner German border. [14]

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comments 1942 Ford GPW Jeep. Original Ford GPW rebuilt by the French Army in 1971. (Square front chassis member and the correct Ford GPW registration document). Older restoration in perfect condition with great looking patina. Mechanicly 100% ; new brakes and brake hoses, perfectly working parking brake, new feul pump, canvas top and seats, 4 new military US tyres, lots of real WWII accessories (rifle holder, canvas water bag, webbing, tools,...), new batteries, original front towing triangel,... This Jeep drives wonderfull and is ready to use !
price 12800 euro

The second group encompasses a range of modifications from upgrading the car's traction to replacing the engine, leaving only the body over a modern, powerful car (for example, the Sascha Fiss Volkswagen Lupo GTI). [28] Another modification combine a Trabant boday with a Japanese superbike engine, such as the Suzuki Hayabusa (a combination known as Trabusa). Some of these cars have a rated power of over 150 hp (112 kW). The Trabant's light weight gives a power-to-weight ratio of 11 lb/hp (149 W/kg), giving the vehicles a performance comparable to modern mid-range sports cars .

East german jeep

east german jeep


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