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Ramirez claimed that the drugs had been prescribed by a doctor for a “personal issue.” He said that the doctor told him that the drugs shouldn’t have been an issue. However, he never disclosed the doctor’s name, the health issue, or the name of his medication. The medication was identified as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which has been legitimately prescribed to men who don’t produce enough testosterone. HCG can also restore testosterone after steroid use, which suggested that Ramirez had been using steroids in the past. A quick call to a league hotline would have shown that drug was banned, and players who are shown to legitimately need certain drugs for hormone issues can get therapeutic exemptions, but none of these steps were taken by Ramirez. Ramirez was given a 50-game ban, which cost him $ million.

In 1991 Brigitte Berendonk and Werner Franke , two opponents of the doping, published several theses which had been drafted former researchers in the GDR doping products which were at the Military Medical Academy Bad Saarow. Based on this work, in their book (translated from German as Doping Documents ) they were able to reconstruct the practice of doping as it was organized by the State on many great athletes from the GDR, including Marita Koch and Heike Drechsler , who have denied the allegations. Brigitte Berendonk survived a 1993 lawsuit where Drechsler accused her of lying. The lawsuit essentially validates the book. [ improper synthesis? ] [26] [27]

East german athletes today

east german athletes today


east german athletes todayeast german athletes todayeast german athletes todayeast german athletes todayeast german athletes today