East german ak quality

I picked up a 1972 WASR 10/63 that is the least wobbling, minimally rattling, and imperfection bearing underfolder I’ve ever seen; all the while being a noncomplain’ ammo eatin’ lead spittin’ rounds on target everytime I squeeze the trigger amalgamation of metal and wood I’ve ever seen. A mere $500. It did not however arrive with a cleaning rod or a sling but instead, with a bayonet. I also picked up 5 of the 40rd magazines and it came with two 30rd magazines also. I wanna swap out the skinny lil Tapco grip with an authentic wood one. am accepting gifts and/or donations of anything AK, AR, DSA, FN, or….ect, ect, yeah yeah. Them grips feel better in you hand too; I opine.

Both licensed and unlicensed production of the Kalashnikov weapons abroad were almost exclusively of the AKM variant, partially due to the much easier production of the stamped receiver. This model is the most commonly encountered, having been produced in much greater quantities. All rifles based on the Kalashnikov design are frequently referred to as AK-47s in the West, although this is only correct when applied to rifles based on the original three receiver types. [37] In most former Eastern Bloc countries, the weapon is known simply as the "Kalashnikov" or "AK". The differences between the milled and stamped receivers includes the use of rivets rather than welds on the stamped receiver, as well as the placement of a small dimple above the magazine well for stabilization of the magazine.

They are not sealed, at lest they are not top secret.
I’m not sure if I still have it, but I red an article about Schmeisser’s work in USSR, basically he was bored to death, as they only gave him some minor, pretty primitive jobs. I guess the main point, if there was any point at all, wasn’t to get Hugo exploited as much as possible, but to not let him fall in the hand of Western allies.
. Besides, why would Russians admit German involvement in work over early Soviet ballistic missiles, but not small arms?

East german ak quality

east german ak quality


east german ak qualityeast german ak qualityeast german ak qualityeast german ak qualityeast german ak quality