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The technology uses an electronic system to calculate precisely the position of a train's wheels on the track and a mechanical system to place these wheels in their optimal position when the train rounds a curve. The electronic system monitors the speed at which the wheels are rotating. Due to the wheels' slightly conical shape and the difference in length between the inner and outer tracks on a curved section of track, the system can determine the wheels' exact contact point. Pneumatic struts attached to the wheels then move the wheels to the best position.

Due to a fault with the signalling system earlier today at Rutherglen disruption is expected until 07:00 11/12.
Train services between Larkhall and Milngavie are returning to normal but some services will still be cancelled, delayed or revised.
Additional Information:
This morning we had a signalling faults at Rutherglen which is now clear and trains now able to run.
Need further info please speak to a member of our staff in person or through the help point on the platform, this is marked with a Q. You can also tweet us any queries or questions as well as get live travel info by following us @ScotRail.
For live journey updates download the free ScotRail App or check our website at http:///ScotRail.
We are sorry that you have been delayed today. Dont forget to keep a hold of your ticket and make a claim if you have been delayed over 30 minutes by visiting /delay-repay.

Difference between tren and winstrol

difference between tren and winstrol


difference between tren and winstroldifference between tren and winstroldifference between tren and winstroldifference between tren and winstroldifference between tren and winstrol