Difference between anabolic and anabolic steroids

hi Jignesh I was following through ur various posts on meter bypass. I have a scenario on which I would like ur valuable expert comments. I live in a multi storied government quarter. I would like to know how to bypass the single phase electronic meter. It is giving me sleepless nights. Presently both the live and the neutral from the meter goes to a MCCB which then terminates in our flats option I am considering is like using 2 wires from one live phase from main connection. One goes through the meter and other directly to the house. Since distance from the meter to our house is considerable I cannot discreetly lay a new line to the flat I plan to disconnect the neutral in the MCCB and connect the unmetered live wire to the neutral port of the MCCB. In this way 2 wires both having the same phase would be coming to my flat from a single MCCB. We have 2 separate earth connections to the flat. For neutral I plan to use the earth wire. The second earth will be used for the three pin connections so that they are secured. The metered live phase could be used for some very low load to ensure meter running for atleast the minimum units. The unmetered phase will be used for rest of the loads. My query is-
1) Will the MCCB allow 2 live connections through it (both would of same phase so no 440 volts chance)?
2) Can I install a MCB with the earth which I would using as neutral. IF so, of how much rating.
3) What safety precautions should I take for preventing electrical shocks and equipment safety.

You mention burkas. Yeah, I do agree with you that the Middle East currently has a bad streak of sexism, as well as authoritarism, extremism and such.
But we must not overlook the fact that there’s a large number of Muslims who are opposed to thas as well, and frequently even more than we are.
And a curiosity about burkas: many Muslim women actually choose to wear them out of their own free will. They are patriots and, since they consider the burka to be a symbol of their culture, wear it proudly. There has been an event where a government proposal against burkas in England (I think) was actually met with animosity from the Muslim women.

Men over 50 are concerned about what they hear of the possibility of prostatic cancer. When to screen, when to perform a rectal exam and when to undergo prostatic biopsies and also at what intervals. Bad biopsies may give a whip to the prostate to develop CANCER.
When the PSA is in the gray zone between and there is no need for biopsies or medications if the free PSA level is not high and the ratio above 25.
One of the signs to remember for further investigations is the steadily rising PSA from yeah to year by one percent.
This is to say that anxiety in men should be controlled by good advice rather by extensive invasion of privacy. However trouble in urination and alike symptoms and abnormal values of free PSA and any ratio between the free PSA and the total less than 10 become a compulsory rule for investigation.

Difference between anabolic and anabolic steroids

difference between anabolic and anabolic steroids


difference between anabolic and anabolic steroidsdifference between anabolic and anabolic steroidsdifference between anabolic and anabolic steroidsdifference between anabolic and anabolic steroidsdifference between anabolic and anabolic steroids