Chinese athletes using steroids

The following Chinese martial arts have not been influenced by other cultures and have a lineage that predates World-War 2. Multiple branches of most every Chinese martial art system exist and are properly notated on separate individual pages which discuss the history of the specific system. The names of a large number of Chinese martial arts outside of China are commonly known by their Guangdong dialect (Cantonese) equivalent. As such, alongside standard Hànyǔ Pīnyīn , standard Cantonese pinyin is also given for the sake of consistency and is denoted by "c.". Diverse tiger styles=Tiger,Black Tiger,white tiger,imperial tiger Diverse mantis styles=mantis style,7 star praying mantis,sauthern mantis,northern mantis diverse eagle claw styles lotus style she zu quan=She family kung fu Dian xue=pressure point style hsing i = mental boxing wing chun monkey style drunken style snake fist bear style

Born in Jin Hua, China, Master Hong started practicing Wushu with the Jin Hua Wu Shu Team when she was 8 years old. She was the top Wushu athlete and Taichi champion in Zhe Jiang province, China. Master Hong has a . degree in physical education in Wushu and Taichi from Zhejiang Normal University, China. She became an assistant professor and team coach of Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1992. She coached the college Wushu and Taichi Team and competed in China national tournaments until she immigrated to Seattle, . in 1994.

Chinese athletes using steroids

chinese athletes using steroids


chinese athletes using steroidschinese athletes using steroidschinese athletes using steroidschinese athletes using steroidschinese athletes using steroids