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So, should every author be able to pay a hefty fee and add publications to his CV? Publications that are just math exercises (., undergraduate calculus homework problems)? Changing a “2” to a “5” and an “x” to a “y” here and there, while maintaining “truth” of the work in the formal-logic sense? Based on my observations of OA/pay-to-play, the answer is a resounding “YES!”. I see this over and over in all these journals (often with a heavy sprinkling of plagiarism) … what a joke!

- However we also have very little in the bank (about 5000 combined) so we can't afford a down paymentI tried reading Cambell's text and got nowhere because it is dense and dull. But how are you doing on the Steps? I missed the webinar to say the least. In retrospect I would have taken more of these tests... Would a future employer try to verify that the reference I put down was really my supervisor? "In looking over your responses again, I did have a couple of additional questions:If by "bad" you mean having to wait longer then yes. In your experience, which class given below was the most difficult in terms of studying, memorizing, recalling previous knowledge during that class, and/or use of everything you've learned in previous courses (prior semesters) to master the class concepts. In short, your ability to tolerate extreme emotions resulting from perceived failure or humiliation is much lower, and in those with the personality traits we select for in medical students, it can be a recipe for disaster. " Based on her opening pep-talk-like remarks, I think she was hinting that I don't have a very good shot. Funny thing was tho, I only had the last two weeks of Oct to 1st week of Nov as options. I looked it up real fast because I figured it might fit US values more (practioners remain private and aren't gov't employees, swiss customers expect cutting edge treatment)? Well i dont think it is recognized by canada/usa.

Chem tech steroids

chem tech steroids


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