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In the 90’s I made & used colloidal silver & the results were good. A friend had an imbalance in his ears that would make him so dizzy, he couldn’t stand or walk around without feeling nauseous. He made & used the colloidal silver & it was the only thing that helped him. By making it yourself, you really don’t know how to determine the strength of your batch & I believe that can differ from batch to batch.. It is very cheap to make though.
While I believe it is very helpful, it is still a considered a metal. Around 2003 or 2004, I did a 21 day fast & for the first four to six days there was the worst metallic taste in my mouth. My body was getting rid of all the silver that I had ingested & the taste was terrible. Safe, maybe for short times, but not for constant use. I also wonder about what it does to ones stomach, I have had leaky gut syndrome & stomach issues quite a bit. I thank the Lord for healing me.

In 1997, Phillips was eager to expand his empire beyond the bodybuilding industry. MM2K changed from targeting the hardcore bodybuilder to the more mainstream exercise participant, and the July 1997 issue saw the magazine redubbed simply as Muscle Media . [21] While Muscle Media 2000 had a distribution of 500,000 copies per issue at its peak, [22] the change in direction alienated many traditional readers, and sales numbers reportedly declined sharply afterwards. [23] [24] Publication finally ceased in 2004 after the EAS company was sold a second time.

Atomic labs steroids

atomic labs steroids


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